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Chile Enogada: Chile Poblano stuffed with a sweet beef, mix with pecans and dried fruits. Covered with a cream sauce made with pecans and sprinkled with pomegranates. 23

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Chiles en nogada is a dish from Mexico. The name comes from the Spanish word of the walnut tree, nogalIt consists of poblano peppers filled with picadillo (a mixture usually containing meat, fruits and spices) topped with a walnut-based sauce, called nogada, and pomegranate seeds, giving it the three colors of the Mexican flag. Chile en nogada is from Puebla; it is tied to the independence of this country since it is said they were prepared for the first time to entertain the emperor Agustín de Iturbide when he came to the city after his naming as Agustín I. Some Mexican historians believe the inventors of this dish were the Monjas Clarisas, although others think they were the Madres Contemplativas Agustinas of the convent of Santa Monica, Puebla


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