Touches of traditional Mexican art, decorate the dining room as well as the newly renovated outdoor patio. Originally named el rebozo, chef Paco took over the restaurant  and changed the name to New Rebozo. The word "rebozo" is a women's shawl worn by mexican women. Now, you aren't given a rebozo when you walk in the restaurant, you are, however, embraced by the staff and chef Paco especially, mimicking the feel of a shawl around your shoulders.



Mack H's

Yelp Review

Had shrimp tacos last night with horchata Absolutely outstanding. Chef came out to each table. Great service, salsa was excellent
chips a little thick and heavy I recommend highly.

Suprisingly, Paco opened the restaurant with no formal training or knowledge of restaurants, just his family recipes. Over the 20 years New Rebozo has been opened in Oak Park the menu has changed only three times. In 1998, Chef Paco studied at the Institute of Art in Chicago, giving him further knowledge to create fantastic, unique specials.



New Rebozo Oak Park

1116 Madison Street,

Oak Park, IL 60302

Phone. 708-445-0370

Email. OakParkRebozo@NewRebozoCity.com